Pop Comics 1/31/18

Here’s just a quick preview of the week in comics with some thoughts on some of the books I’m picking up this week. For a full look at what is coming out this week and every week, check out our Comics page.


Detective Comics Annual #1:

DC has a bunch of annuals coming out this week, usually I skip the annuals, but a few of these caught my eye. In this annual we flashback and dip into the origin story of Basil Karlo, what made him Clayface, and his first encounter with Batman. Clayface has been getting alot of play in the DC universe as of late and if this issue is any indication, that’s not going to stop any time soon.

The Flash Annual #1:

The prelude to the big Flash storyline of 2018 starts here! I kinda hate when they kick off story’s in an annual (once again, because I usually skip them) but this one I will definitely pick up. I guess this is just the prelude to “Flash War” which won’t start until later this year, but still, if this event is as big as they say, I can’t wait to get excited about it now.

Mystik U #2:

I don’t see a whole lot of love out there for Mystic U, but I enjoyed the first one. It has a very “Harry Potter meets Gotham Academy” feel. Maybe this book will make me care a bit more about the magic based characters of the DC universe, which I usually don’t care at all for.

Jessica Jones #16:

As Brian Michael Bendis wraps up all of his work with Marvel (If you didn’t know, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Bendis signed an exclusive with DC back in November) Jessica Jones is the book i’m most excited to see how he leaves her. The Purple man AKA Killgrave, may be the creepiest villian across all comic book universes to me. Scratch that, Killgrave IS the creepiest villain on any platform to me, and now you can’t kill him and have pissed him off? Oh hell no!

Tales of Suspense #101:

At PopRoc, we want to encourage people to pick up new books they may not usually read. The “New Comic Discovery Program” is what we call it and Tales of Suspense is a prime candidate for this. You’ll have to go back and pick up issue #100, but it’s a really interesting story with some characters that aren’t getting a lot of love elsewhere, that made me reeeeeeeally want to pick up the next issue.

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters #1:

...This is a real thing? And it’s based off of a Netflix series?? I feel like i’m so behind in the times here! When did any of this become a thing? Either way, IDW has this book on shelves and I’m a sucker for a #1, but seriously, what is this?? I’m going to have to check out the netflix show too I guess.


That’s just a quick glance at what’s coming out this week. What are you reading? Hit us up on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @poprocculture.