Pop Comics 1/24/18

Here’s just a quick preview of the week in comics with some thoughts on some of the books I’m picking up this week. For a full look at what is coming out this week and every week, check out our Comics page.


Batgirl #19:

Coming out of the holiday season one off with Harley Quinn, we get a team-up storyline with the Penguin? I’ll give it a whirl. Of all the “Bat” books, Batgirl may be my dark horse favorite. I always enjoy the art and it’s consistently a fun read. Let’s see where this one takes us.

Detective Comics #973:

Between “Batman” comics being based around his relationship with Catwoman recently and “Detective Comics” being based around the group, I’m ready to get back to some books being based around the Bat himself. This is the finale of “The Fall of the Batmen” so hopefully after this, we can get back to our regularly scheduled tall, dark, and brooding Batman in one of these series!

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1:

I feel like we just had a Raven miniseries, am I wrong? (I just looked it up, I’m kinda wrong, it was 2016, but whatever!) I really enjoyed the last miniseries so I’m definitely on board with more. My real question though, is why not just give Raven her own monthly book? This is a 12-part miniseries, which is pretty long already, why not just keep it rolling? Maybe they will!

Inhumans: Judgment Day #1:

The title to this is quite fitting right now, as the Inhumans TV show on ABC is up in the air. Just in the last few days, rumors have surfaced both ways, one side saying cancelled, the other saying it will be renewed. Either way, 2017 was a big year for the Inhumans with the TV show and the big event with the X-Men, this title should give us a good idea where they are headed in 2018.

Legion #1:

Now, from one show that is still up in the air, to another that got its renewal for a 2nd season back in March of 2017. Ahead of its season 2 premiere in April of this year, I like that Marvel is rolling out its own monthly title.

Marvel Two-In-One #2:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the first issue, but I loved it! It’s been a while, we needed to get our Fantastic Four fix somewhere, right?? Could this book be leading to a return of the Richards family? I don’t know, but I enjoyed the first issue and I see myself enjoying the adventures of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm for as long as they are having them.

Ringside #14:

Ok, my bias towards anything wrestling is going to become apparent really quick on here. I love anything wrestling related in pop culture and Ringside is no exception. We are one issue away from the series finale on this one, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, now isn’t the time. You should absolutely go pick up the trades or past issues and catch up! Wrestling related or not, its just a great read.


That’s just a quick glance at what’s coming out this week. What are you reading? Hit us up on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @poprocculture.