POP ROC’n & Rollin

I feel like Peter Parker after getting bit by the radioactive spider. I’m home in bed and I wake up in a cold sweat. 

“This is real!” 

Actually, I’m sitting in my chair with my mind going a mile a minute thinking about all the things we still need to do to get ready for our open. All while my son plays one of the coolest video games I’ve ever seen. Made from one of my favorite cartoons. Batman: Brave and the Bold. Such a great version of Aquaman! 

”Outrageous!”  LOL

Back to Spider-Man.

I seriously feel a “great responsibility” here. What we are doing has never been done here in Rochester, NY.

As far as I know, it’s never been done anywhere. 

Our “Comic Discovery Program” will let you read brand new books, the day they come out, before you buy them. Try that at any other comic shop at your own risk.  

This allows you to read books you may have never gotten a chance to read. Maybe you never even thought you wanted to read but suddenly find yourself unable to put it down. Maybe you just couldn’t afford to read those title and now you can.  

That’s pretty cool if you ask me. 

We will offer around 20 new titles a week in the program. That’s up to 80 titles a month. If you’re doing the math, that’s well over a $300 a month value. 

Hopefully people will sit and drink some coffee, energy drinks or even have a bowl of cereal. You could also grab one of the latest Funko Pops, an old school G1 Transformer or one of our exclusive fanny packs. All while being able to just sit, read or watch some cool cartoons. 

No matter what, we believe we have something really fun and special here. 

So as you can see.

Lots to think about.

Lots to plan for.

Lots to look forward to.