Pop Roc is like nothing Rochester, NY (or maybe the world), has ever seen before. Our tagline is "Comics. Caffeine. Culture." but that only scratches the surface.

Not only do we carry some of Rochester's best coffee roasters like Fifth Frame and Canaltown but, we also have Death Wish Coffee, which is "The World's Strongest Coffee". Our caffeine bar includes 2 coolers full of cold drinks like Monster Energy and Red Bull that we use to make our one of a kind mocktails.

We are also a full comic shop! Carrying hundreds of comics and all the biggest and best titles. Our unique Comic Discovery Program allows you to read comics before, or even if you don't, buy them. 

There are massive TVs playing all your favorite movies, shows & cartoons. We also have video games, toys & collectibles everywhere and even bowls of CEREAL!

That's right. 30 different kinds of cereal. You can mix & match. Add toppings like cookie dough, chocolate syrup and much more. We also have the perfect milk for you to mix it all together, including soy and almond milk.

It's truly a one of a kind experience and I hope you will join us.





Check out what's coming out each week. Find out what we're reading. Discover new books you might not be reading.


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Coffee, Mt Dew, Coca-cola, Red Bull, Monster, Check out our caffeine concoctions.


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Pop Culture is our culture. From our collectibles to our music to our artwork and decor.