Pop Comics 1/17/18

Here’s just a quick preview of the week in comics with some thoughts on some of the books I’m picking up this week. For a full look at what is coming out this week and every week, check out our Comics page.


Aquaman #32:

Admittedly, I’ve always been a big Aquaman fan, but I don’t even think its my Aquaman bias that makes me love this book. Dan Abnett and the team do an amazing job of creating this world of Atlantis like you’ve never seen before. It has a very “Underwater Game of Thrones” feel to me, between the way they build the world and the twists and turns of the story.


Damage #1:

The first of the “New Age” comics to drop is Damage. I plan to give all of these books a shot, I’m not sure this one is really my cup of tea though. DC describes it as “Ethan “Elvis” Avery just wanted to serve his country. Instead, he’s been changed into a monster!” Once again, I’m going to give this a shot, but books with a military angle, usually aren’t for me. I love the art of Tony Daniel, so that will be a plus either way.


Champions #16:

Coming out of the Avengers crossover and the loss (Kinda? Maybe? Who knows) of Viv Vision, Looks like the Champions are going into recruit mode in this one. I like the current line-up of the group, so i’m not sure how sold I am on adding a bunch of new members. It could give some characters whose books are being cancelled, a place to be in the Marvel Universe for now though.


The Mighty Thor #703:

Uh-oh, Jane Foster took a nose dive at the end of 702, and the story arch is called “THE DEATH OF THE MIGHTY THOR”, is that it for Jane Foster?? Being as this issue is only “Part 4” of the story, I’m gonna say she’s still kickin, and gonna go out kickin ass against this Mangog. How much more does she have in the tank?


Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #299:

Black Panther joins the action to help out Spidey in this one. Makes sense to get Black Panther into a couple different books ahead of his big screen debut almost exactly one month from today. Overall, I’ve enjoyed the recent issues and I don’t expect this one to be any different.


The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1:

Looking at the description of this book, it says its from Emmy-winning writers, and from the sounds of it, it sounds like the plot of a TV show. Nick Wilson had super powers in his early 20’s, now he doesn’t. The book takes place years after superpowers, sounds like a former child star story, but with Superheroes! I’m into that.


That’s just a quick glance at what’s coming out this week. What are you reading? Hit us up on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @poprocculture.