Up, Up & Away

It’s a bird?

It’s a plane?

No. It’s Pop Culture flying high and taking off like we never imagined!

I’m still pinching myself every time I see another movie or T.V. show that I dreamed of coming to life years ago.

There is so much out right now and so much happening as I write this. Fox and Disney are talking about a serious buyout that could put more arrows in the Disney quiver. Disney as of right now is running 18% of the domestic box office and FOX 12%. If this goes through they would be a complete powerhouse with 30%, pushing past WB (Warner Bros) at the top with 20%.

That means 50% of the box office is stuff we would want to see!

What a time. What a time.

Movie after movie scheduled until I'm in my forties and well beyond.

This isn’t just fun times. These are also prosperous times. So far according to The-Numbers.com Marvel movies alone have done 13 billion dollars to date. With the upcoming slate there are predictions of well over 50 billion. This is good and maybe even a little bad.

There have been good, really good and well, bad.

There is a rush to make these movies because of the popularity. There are so many options available. Almost too many. Between actual comics, TV shows, cartoons, movies and even broadway plays. There is a lot of competition. A lot to digest. A lot to spend on.

It will be interesting to see how all these properties and mediums play our or adjust.

How far will they dive in?

What’s next in TV land?

Will they ever remake Howard The Duck?

How will comics hold up?

Only one thing to do as the Immortal Stan Lee would say, “Face front, true believers!”